Public Relations (PR)

PR can be used by organisations in many different forms. ”PR is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics” (CIPR, 2012).

Some of the more recent PR stunts which took place during 2016 include Tropicana giving free orange in digital billboard campaign, the Giant Monopoly Board that landed in Trafalgar Square, Game of Thrones in VR. Two of the older PR stunts consist of the black/blue or white/gold dress and The Walking Dead Zombies and Hand in Times Square, USA.

In 2016, one  of the big PR campaigns consisted of Tropicana giving away free orange juice in a digital billboard campaign. This was effective, as it helped to promote the benefits of consuming orange juice daily  and the smaller size range that the Tropicana Brand unveiled.       Similar uses of digital billboards have been used by companies such as Mr Kipling, Coca Cola, and Carlsberg. People enjoy receiving items for free and trying before they initially purchase them.

Another PR stunt that was . in 2016 was the Giant Monopoly Board that landed in Trafalgar Square, London. The board game was complied with all the game playing pieces and dice. The giant board game displayed the chronological history of video gaming from 1980s. It highlighted the beginning of the 1980s home computer boom, all the way up to 2010 the rise of the VR. This was used as a promotion on the weekend of the 2nd/3rd April for the London Games Festival. Members of the public were welcome to play the board game and take images.

monopoly pr

Game of Thrones (GoT) in VR, this was useful as it promoted the next season of the TV series and kept fans engaged, excited and enthusiastic while waiting for the next series. This only occurred in places in USA such as Chicago, New York and L.A. The point of this was that fans could train for a battle in virtual reality through playing a free interactive exhibit from November to December while they waited for the latest season to be released.

got pr

One of the big PR stunts that was popular on social media was the blue/black or white/gold dress. The dress was originally blue and black, however when a light was shone over the colour changed. This became a PR stunt as it made people aware of the dress and it got them talking/ debating about what they could see. This also became a trend on Twitter #BlackAndBlue #WhiteAndGold #TheDress #Dress

the dress

The Walking Dead Zombies and Hand in Times Square, USA. This PR stunt was used to promote season 5 of the The Walking Dead on AMC. It worked as a 4 day countdown leaving only the thump on the display, the last finger fell off the day the program was set to be shown on the TV. As it counted down the days the fingers on the hand started to fall off. There were also zombies walking around Times Square to raise aware of this campaign.


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