Budweiser’s BudLight #UpForWhatever Social Media Mishap!

Many organisations have gained bad publicity based on mishaps, e.g. Krispy Kreme with their KKK Wednesday campaign. Campaigns can be banned by the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) for example, The Sun. Their campaign was based on Oscar Pistorius after the death of this girlfriend and there was an offensive statement regarding the murder case as well as Oscar’s disability.

The social media mishap I’m going to discuss is the BudLight #UpForWhatever campaign. This campaign can be seen as influential; it’s storytelling.  ”A guy goes to a bar, the bar-lady gives him a bottle of BudLight, he steps outside willing to receive ‘fun’. (You’ll understand this after hearing the rest). Anyway the guy walks across the street, inserts a coin into what looks like a machine, the door opens revealing a club. He steps further into the club noticing the ‘fun’ which is a real life Pac-Man Maze. When he wins, he receives another bottle of BudLight” (CampaignLive, 2015). This is effective as it highlights the key message of the campaign which is to drink with friends. Also, this was released during the 2015 SuperBowl, worldwide many people tune into watch the sport. Effectiveness is based on marketing opportunities for businesses as many advertisements are launched.



So what’s wrong with this you ask?

(Consumerist.com, 2015).
(www.adweek.com, 2015)

#UpForWhatever can promote bad publicity, e.g. people in nightclubs can be  sexually harassed/abuse. 1/100 slogans said ”The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night. This social media coverage began from a Reddit post, The Consumerist joined in, and Social media backlashed the beer with #UpForConsent and media coverage corrupting the brands unintended idea of the message” (www.entrepreneur.com, 2015). In order to decrease the bad publicity occurrence BudLight removed this particular slogan.


This earned the brand media coverage & word of mouth online communication as displayed below.

social mention.png

(https://mention.com, 2017).





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