Christmas Festivity #BusterTheBoxer V #ChristmasIsForSharing

In comparison, John Lewis (#BusterTheDog) & Sainsbury’s (#ChristmasIsForSharing) 2016 Christmas adverts were highly influential and implemented many marketing strategies. They’re very similar to each other. They both use hashtags. Sponsorship is linked to both adverts, John Lewis have partnered with The Wildlife Trusts whereas Sainsbury’s have previously and continued to support charities. For this advert, they partnered with Great Ormond Street Hospital.


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(, 2016).


(, 2016).


John Lewis released their annual storytelling Christmas campaign which featured a dad assembling a trampoline for his daughter on Christmas Eve as a present. Inside the house, the family dog Buster witnesses animated foxes, a squirrel, badger, hedgehog all jumping on the trampoline. Buster looks miserable; he wants to join in the fun.  On Christmas day, the girl runs downstairs opens the backdoor, runs outside and she is overtaken by Buster whom gets to the trampoline first and starts jumping.

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*EMBARGOED UNTIL 0001 ON 10/11/2016*
(YouTube, 2016).


Sainsbury’s advert is 3 minutes, 11 seconds long this features a song played by James Corden called ‘’The Greatest Gift’’. The advert displays animated dad Dave that wants to celebrate his Christmas by spending more time with his family. This advert displays animations in relation to the lyrics of the song. The Greatest Gift can be listened to on Spotify, or bought on iTunes.


spotify, gosh.png
(, 2016).

John Lewis created a Virtual Reality(VR) in-store display/interactive displays in several stores around the UK.

VR Display John Lewis London, (, 2016).

       VR display JL Leeds ^. 

Sainsbury’s used personal selling, celeb endorsement and created a feature similar to VR so customers could a Christmas film animation using their phones.


£1 is donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital from the sale of a gingerbread Dave, and £5 is donated from the profit of a Christmas animation kit.

dave-gingerbread    daves-animation-kit

John Lewis donated 10% of the selling price of Buster and friends soft toys to the Wildlife Trust.


John Lewis, Victoria Gate Leeds




(, 2016)


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