Music Marketing

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The music industry has evolved dramatically over the years regarding technology and marketing integrating together. Internet downloads, website usage, social media are effective for bands/music artists/musicians. Most people listen to music in different ways on a variety of devices whether it’s on a vinyl record player, CD, cassette player, TV, or radio. Many people still use vinyls even though they were commonly used years ago, on a variety of musician’s websites, they sell vinyl’s. ‘HMV’ sells vinyl’s as do websites such as eBay. Consumers can stream music through Google Play, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. Fans can use these on their smartphones, iPods, laptops etc


Internet downloads enable musician’s/music artists/bands to allow consumers to purchase music that they prefer. This is a benefit for consumers regarding effectiveness and is similar to online shopping as they can make purchases online 24/7 instead of physically travelling to the store. Internet downloads work effectively when a music artist releases an album or EP at midnight, fans of the artist are able to download it at that time on iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play.



Internet downloads can be associated with increases in advertising, sales promotions, and social media posts. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram impact musicians as they can use these as promotional strategies. This can occur by bands informing fans of their exciting chances such as song releases, an album release date, album signings, tours etc. These marketing opportunities have been used by many bands as displayed below. Word of mouth can also be used by fans on social media, for example musicians tweeting, fans retweeting them & telling people they know and this can become a chain.

you-me-at-six-tweet  you-me-att-six-tweet-2adtr-mb-nd-nfg-tweet

Musicians/bands/music artists can also utilise various concepts within their website such as social media, a fan mailing list/subscription, band merchandise and Music videos.



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